Public Relations for Home Schooling Groups

Home schooling is not easy and most parents that do home schooling will admit to you that it is a lot tougher than I thought. It is for this reason that many parents who do home schooling get together with home schooling groups, which does make it easier.When home schooling groups get together they help all the parents do better with the home schooling. However, it is not easy to get together with all the parents and therefore the home schooling groups must do public relations and develop community goodwill.More and more people are upset at the public schools and choose to do home schooling, by getting the school system to refer parents to home schooling groups is not easy because the school district does not want people to do home schooling, as they want those kids to come to the public school. Perhaps they see it as competition and are worried about their jobs, as well they should.Public relations for home schooling could include having a web site with preplanned courses available for parents to download and use to teach their kids. Another thing home schooling groups can do is get together with all the parents and their children and set up soccer teams so the kids will also get some socialization. Please consider all this in 2006.

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